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Car/Truck Accidents

While  working as an Emergency Room nurse, Kathleen cared for thousands of accident victims with every imaginable injury.  That experience uniquely qualifies her to instantly identify and evaluate the severity of  clients' injuries  and interpret X-ray, MRI and CT scan reports, without hiring costly experts.  

Kathleen's clinical knowledge of  critically-ill and  severely-injured patients,  enables  her  to recognize  underlying, often untreated  medical conditions such as Sleep Apnea and Epileptic Seizures that are major contributors to car and  truck accidents.   

Kathleen begins your representation with a comprehensive personal interview to discuss your injuries,  the facts of your case and  review  of your medical records. If you do not have your records, Kathleen will order complete and certified copies. The interview can be conducted by Zoom, telephone, or in person. Kathleen also offers home and hospital  appointments. 


Slip and Fall Accidents

If you have a slip and fall accident, you may only have 90 days to file a claim. With all personal injury cases contact us as soon as possible to meet necessary deadlines. Kathleen McLaughlin and her staff will inspect the site where your injury occurred for construction defects, as well as any other violations.

Workers' Compensation/Workplace Violence

You work hard, and Kathleen McLaughlin will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve if you are injured while working. Our firm will file all necessary claims against your employer in Workers' Compensation Court, Superior Court, or in Criminal Court if necessary.  Workers' Compensation  and Healthcare Workplace Violence cases can take time to settle, however, we pledge to  keep you involved every step of the way while we work to get you a fair settlement for your injuries and wage loss.




Professional License Defense/Wrongful Termination

As a practicing Registered Nurse in New Jersey and New York, for over 20 years Kathleen identifies with the stress and overwhelming responsibilities of the healthcare professions. Therefore, she is uniquely qualified to represent fellow nurses and other healthcare professionals before NJ and NYS licensing boards.

New Jersey and New York are "at-will" employment states, meaning if you do not have an employment contract you can be terminated without reason or cause, unless  you have been a victim of  discrimination or in retaliation for exercising a workplace right. Kathleen is a proven advocate for workers in all types of  employment situations and discrimination litigation. 

Contact Kathleen for a free consultation if you received any type of  notice threatening your professional license or  terminating your employment  before answering any questions or providing a written statement.  



Divorce Papers

Divorce and Divorce Mediation

The traditional divorce process can be expensive, overwhelming, and upsetting to both spouses and their families. Mediation is a less expensive alternative for married couples who are seeking a divorce without having to go to court. Divorce mediation provides a fair opportunity for both spouses to present their issues and discuss custody matters in a comfortable environment for a fair, cost-effective, and speedy process.

*Initial consultations, client-attorney telephone calls, e-Mails, and texts are free.

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Probate/Wills/Power of Attorney

"As an experienced frontline health professional, as well as family caregiver, I know the importance of having properly- prepared Advance Directives or Living Wills, and Durable Power of Attorney documents in hand, should you or a loved one have to go to the hospital for care. " - Kathleen McLaughlin.

As a legal and healthcare professional, Kathleen  educates her clients about the documents needed to preserve their rights if they are hospitalized, or need to provide for their families during illness, after an injury, or because of death. She  guides clients through the uncomfortable process of getting their affairs in order.  With Kathleen's support, your informed decisions about  healthcare and finances will be painless.  

I am greatful to my lifelong friend and mentor, Mary Luz Mathews, RN, meant for more and now gone from this world, but through which all good came.